Nutritional Coaching in Valrico, FL

Do you feel that the foods you eat seem to make your stomach upset and feel bloated?
Do you think you are eating healthy but cannot lose that unwanted weight, no matter what you try? Perhaps you need to fit in your old pairs of clothes because you got your daughter’s wedding to go to?

There’s an old saying by Hippocrates, “Let Food by Thy Medicine.” Unfortunately, in today’s world, the food or drink we consume lacks the proper amount of nutrients and minerals that our body requires. Couple that with the daily stressors and constant bombardments of disruptions unfolding on a daily basis; our body needs the right number of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep us strong and living longer.

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Eating Fundamentals

Eating is a fundamental activity that is important to our well-being but we are neglecting this. When it comes to the foods and liquids we put in our body, we think that eating processed food, to drinking high sugar drinks, and eating on the go is enough to fuel us throughout the day. This statement is FALSE, because what the body CANNOT consume the body won’t know what to do with it. This alone will eventually lead to a Disease state creating havoc to our system.

Nutritional Coaching in Valrico, FL
All disease begins in the gut, so we need to make sure what we put into our mouths, which eventually leads to our stomach, and to our cells, is actually good and being assimilated in our body. We also need to make sure that the waste produced is also being eliminated properly.

Welcome to nutritional coaching where Dr. Helen Tong, PhD DNM will be your doctor to address any of your concerns. Together, we find out what is working and not working for you. This will be in-depth, because she looks at every component of your lifestyle; mind, body, and spirit. Once the consultation is done, there will be homework which you will take home. Then you come back in a week’s time to review the homework together with Dr. Helen and from there she will develop a specific meal plan for you to follow to help reach your goals in not time

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I see a nutritional coach? There’s a wealth of information on google that I can do my own research on.
Yes, that is a true statement; however, there is just too much information that this becomes overwhelming. Where do you begin frankly speaking, the information on google may not be addressed to your specific needs. Everybody is not the same, therefore the idea that ‘one size fits all’ is not true so it will not work for you. You are unique so starting with a nutritional coaching session may be a good start.

How long is the session?
The first session is about 60 mins long and then subsequent sessions will follow which is about an hour each session.

What is this homework I have to do?
That is really simple, you just have to diary the times and the kinds of food and drink you take on a daily basis. This will be for about 7 days before your next appointment.

What is the cost of the session?
Each session cost $169.00

How do I know this will work for me?
There is no guarantee that this may work for you. However, if you follow the plan diligently and eating the right kinds of food with suggested portion size for you, changes will start to become visible before your eyes. You just have to be consistent and more importantly, be patient with yourself. Dr. Helen will see to it that you are following the program and she will be there to guide along the way. For many, this is something new so it will be difficult as this is something that is outside your comfort zone. We are used to eating the foods that we think are good or comforting to us. We need to get that way of thinking switched off.

Live Blood Analysis

Live Cell Blood Analysis is a simple, quick and accurate screening test. A drop of blood drawn painlessly from your finger will provide valuable information on over 25 health parameters. The scientific process of Darkfield Microscopy allows the blood analyst to observe vitamin and mineral deficiencies, toxic load, tendencies toward allergic reaction, excess fat in circulation, liver weakness, immune weakness and dysfunctions, conditions leading to arteriosclerosis, hormonal imbalance, blood sugar issues and many others.

In the process of Live Blood Analysis, a sample of your blood is magnified up to 2000 times, giving the blood analyst the ability to assess how the body is compensating to its environment and monitor your progression while on a specific nutritional therapy program. Your blood is the looking glass into the condition of your health.

Live Blood Analysis is not a diagnostic procedure for specific diseases, it is best used to help determine the optimal diet and most effective supplementation (enzymes, herbs, antioxidants, etc.) to bring your health to its most resilient state.

Live Cell Microscopy can show:

  • The condition of red blood cells.
  • Free radical damage to the blood cell and the need for antioxidants.
  • The tendency to develop atherosclerotic plaque and hyper-clotting disorders.
  • Bacteria, Candida /yeast /fungi (indirect measurement).
  • Undigested proteins and fats.
  • Evidence of hormonal imbalances.
  • Folic acid, B12 and iron deficiencies.
  • Poor circulation, oxygenation levels.

As a reference tool, Live Blood Analysis can show you where to begin your journey to wellness, and to assist health practitioners as an effective instrument in guiding you to optimum health.

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Whatever you are suffering like bloating, weight issues, or just needing to have more energy, let Dr. Helen guide and support you through this transformation journey of mastering your vitality with the RIGHT KINDS OF foods you eat.

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